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Industry Consultation

Principles and Objectives of the CMF’s Consultation Policy

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) consultation policy is based on the principle that the industry consultation process should be meaningful, formal, ongoing and inclusive. The underlying values of the policy include transparency, co-operation, communication, balance and results.

The consultation process includes five objectives:

  • Gaining high-level stakeholder input into CMF planning and program development and design
  • Being informed of emerging stakeholder issues and priorities
  • Making fully informed policy decisions
  • Maintaining two-way communication between the CMF and its stakeholders
  • Allowing stakeholders to be part of, and understand, the CMF's policy making process
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Overview of Accomplishments

In 2012-2013, the consultation process focused on working groups and advisory committees dealing with industry-specific issues. Since the guidelines stated in April 2011 are in effect for a two-year cycle (2011-2012 and 2012-2013), the CMF wanted to make sure that the programs in place continue to respond adequately to industry needs. The participation of numerous stakeholders in the various working groups and advisory committees demonstrates constant industry interest in taking part in the development of CMF policies.

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Working Groups and Advisory Committees

The working groups were convened in 2012-2013 to discuss specific issues. Each of the working groups brought together representatives with a particular interest in the topic covered. More than 40 industry stakeholders took part in one or more working groups, where issues pertaining to the criteria for attributing performance envelopes, regional Anglophone production and convergence requirements were discussed.

The advisory committees, involving about 30 individuals, met to pursue discussions concerning CMF support for digital media since the launch of the Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework in May 2012. Among other things, the potential inclusion of content consumption on VOD platforms in the calculation of performance envelopes, the implementation of an eventual audience success factor on digital platforms and the most recent trends concerning the measurement of the impact of social media on television viewing were examined.

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Discussion Forum and On-line Survey

The on-line consultation tools were used once again in 2012-2013 through the Outreach & Consultation section on the CMF website. All of the information concerning the working groups and advisory committees, as well as the materials used for the discussions, were provided. Industry stakeholders could also submit their comments and suggestions on the discussion forum. Although the Outreach & Consultation section was widely consulted during the fall, activity on the discussion forum was more modest.

The industry’s contribution to the development of CMF policies is essential in order to ensure that the programs proposed continue to be pertinent for all the stakeholders in the TV and digital media sector served by the CMF.

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