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Key Canadian industry facts presented at Forum Blanc


Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context research report

Industry Research

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) monitors trends and the evolution of the industry, to provide stakeholders and decision-makers with industry intelligence and recommendations on potential strategic orientations and to analyze impacts of transformational changes occurring in the content industry.

In collaboration with all other departments,  the CMF’s Industry and Market Trends department also acts as an industry development unit, opening new fields of practices for the CMF and incubating special projects that may have an impact on policy, program design, or current operations, such as the Digital Media Measurement Framework, developed in 2011-2012 and implemented in 2012-2013.  

To deliver on its objective of providing industry intelligence, the CMF actively works with several research partners and outstanding contributors from Canada and abroad also known as the CMF Watch Squad.

The Watch Squad is a growing initiative developed and implemented in 2012-2013 that started with 5 bloggers. In its first year, the Trendscape blog’s 20 analysis articles posted in both official languages were viewed more than 10,000 times.

In 2012-2013, the CMF commissioned 14 research projects, white papers and online resources.  Nine were published in 2012-2013 and were made available on the CMF’s website.  

Published Research Reports in 2012-2013

  • New Directions for the Financing of Interactive Digital Media in Canada in partnership with Canadian Interactive Alliance and MDR Communications
  • The ABCs of Connected TV in partnership with Groupe Evolumedia
  • Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context in partnership with Nordicity
  • TMC Resource Kit in partnership with Narrative Now
  • Second Screen and Television, first and second editions of a series of three white papers in partnership with Groupe Evolumedia
  • Are the kids all right? in partnership with Youth Media Alliance
  • Documentary Alternative Funding Guide in partnership with Observatoire du documentaire
  • Profile 2012 in partnership with Canadian Interactive Alliance

The CMF also disseminates research findings as well as valuable information on innovative CMF-funded projects and shares expertise at different national and international conferences such as MIPJR, MIPCOM, MIPTV, Power to the Pixel, Forum Blanc, Grow Conference, Cartoon Connection, the Banff World Media Festival and X-Summit, to name a few.