Science of Sin

The Science of Sin is a 4-part series that explores the shadowy pathways of the human mind to examine why the temptation to sin is evolutionarily hard-wired and asks if this scientific reality can be trumped by culture, laws or religion.

Le Grand Jeu

Hockey team management game integrated to a targeted sports channel social media network.


Heartland chronicles the turbulent life of seventeen-year-old Amy Fleming as she struggles to balance the social, romantic and emotional pressures of teenage life with her overwhelming responsibilities at Heartland.

Message from the President and CEO

Valerie CreightonThanks to its funding contributors, the Government of Canada and Canadian cable and satellite distributors, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) was able to deliver unprecedented investment toward the creation of Canadian screen-based media. In 2012-2013 the program budget was increased to $375M, which in turn triggered more than $1.2B in production activity. For every $1 of CMF funding to new productions, $3.3 in production volume was generated.

Through its Convergent Stream, which supports the creation of television and digital media content for consumption by Canadians anytime, anywhere, the CMF invested in the production of 489 television programs in the genres of drama, documentary, children and youth, and variety and performing arts. These were complemented by 223 associated digital media projects, such as games, rich interactive media such as web series, ebooks, and social media projects, allowing for additional audience engagement with supported content. Convergent Stream production commitments increased by $9.6M, from $312.5M in 2011-2012 to $322.1M in 2012-2013 and triggered just under $1.2B in production volume. Projects emanated from all regions of the country, in a cross-section of languages spoken by Canadians, namely English, French and Aboriginal languages, as well as Mandarin, Spanish and German.

Through its Experimental Stream, which encourages the creation of innovative, interactive digital media content and software applications, the CMF provided over $35M in funding to 85 projects at the development, production and marketing stages, triggering over $55.2M in industry activity, a $4.9M increase over the previous year. Applications originated from every region in Canada and included original content for the web, games for online use and interactive consoles, and software and mobile applications that continue to set new standards for the industry.

In collaboration with digital media industry stakeholders, we continued to improve and refine the Experimental Stream by implementing distinct recoupment models for “live exploitation” products versus “finished” products, in order to better align with industry practices.

To ensure that the CMF’s funding policies remain aligned with emerging trends and developments, in Canada and internationally, the CMF supported and published new industry intelligence, both through online resources such as the Trendscape blog and through partnerships with industry organizations. The CMF contributed to 16 industry research projects, 9 of which were published in 2012-2013.

To further the exchange of ideas and promote co-production interest the CMF significantly increased its strategic partnerships, supporting 49 television and digital media conferences and festivals across Canada and in major international markets such as the US, Brazil, the UK and France. Each event is a renewed opportunity for us to meet with stakeholders and to learn from each other, promote Canadian content to new audiences and build new relationships for co-production opportunities.

The CMF undertook a number of initiatives designed to inform and promote the success of Canadian content. The CMF launched Canada on Screen, an initiative to showcase successful Canadian television productions, games, web content and software and applications supported by the CMF. This website is designed to feature several recent projects as well as older projects accessible anywhere in the world.

The CMF partnered with Telefilm Canada, private funds and over 20 other partners at the international, national, provincial and municipal level to make Canadian content visible and accessible to local and international audiences and to promote Canadian successes.

Canada was featured as the Country of Honour at MIPJR and MIPCOM 2012, the world’s leading entertainment content market with attendance of over 12,900 and an unprecedented 177 articles on Canada from international journalists.

The CMF worked with Telefilm, the CRTC and industry leaders to organize a full day at the International Institute of Communications Symposium to focus on promotion. Almost 300 stakeholders from the Broadcaster Distributor Undertakings, broadcast, production, digital media, policy departments of government and unions and guilds sectors attended and participated on a number of panels.

As a result of the promotion Symposium a Working Group of broadcasters, producers and digital media stakeholders was established to consider immediate ways to enhance the promotion of Canadian content and current success. A new branding of Canadian content, an examination of the ability to digitize titles in the existing back catalogue and On Location Canada, a national set visit project in order to implement the overall promotion strategy will be completed in 2013-2014. The promotion strategy depicted below will involve a number of partnerships at the municipal, provincial and national levels from outside and within the industry with the objective of informing and engaging audiences around the world with Canadian content.

Canadian content promotion

A stakeholder survey conducted in December 2012 showed that satisfaction with the CMF’s communications tools and methods has reached an all-time high. Overall satisfaction increased by 10 % over the previous year with the greatest increases in satisfaction recorded for the CMF’s website, up by 27%, and online Annual Report, up by 21%. Furthermore, subscribers to the CMF’s news releases increased by 21% and the CMF’s social media community has grown significantly in the past year with 88% more Facebook friends and Twitter followers up by 252%.

Canadian audiovisual content continues to win awards and attract audiences in Canada and around the world.  The CMF is pleased to play an active role in fostering, developing and promoting this highly creative industry and contributing to the growth of Canada’s digital economy.

Valerie Creighton
President and CEO

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